Setec Group presents "The Big One"


"The Big One" is the name of the new automatic line for casting onepiece WCs proposed by Setec Group and presented at Tecnargilla 2016. This new system guarantees high productivity together with a high level of automation in the casting of one-piece WCs, thereby reducing production costs and improving quality.

The modular line can comprise up to 10 modules, each equipped with 2 plaster moulds for casting the one-piece bowl and 2 plaster moulds for the respective rims. Various models and designs of one-piece WCs can be installed and cast on the same line.

The configuration of the largest plant consists of 20 installed moulds capable of casting up to 6 times a day using the capillary mould system. The maximum daily productivity is therefore 120 one-piece WCs or 240 close-coupled WCs.

The machine performs all the operations automatically. All parts of the mould are automatically repositioned by the machine ready for the next casting operation. Synchronisation is achieved by means of a control panel equipped with PLC and touchscreen allowing for supervision of the entire production cycle.

This integrated system minimises the operator’s presence during the cycle. All of this ensures lower labour costs and at the same time a big increase in quality and productivity.