SETEC: the new machine for the automatic internal glazing of WCs



Upward is a new machine designed by Setec for the automatic internal glazing of WCs, or more specifically, siphons and rims. This system allows users to solve the practical issues that are often encountered during the internal glazing of a component. Some parts of the siphon and the rim are not easily accessible due to their specific shape, and so the only way to achieve a uniform glaze application is to fill the component entirely. Upward allows for this filling to be performed automatically from above, using a suspended tank, which allows uniform spreading of the enamel and prevents the accumulation of dirt and dust on surfaces - a problem which is difficult to overcome when filling from below. A specially-designed emptying system serves to eliminate excess product and seal the remaining glaze onto the inner walls of the WC-bowl. An automatic two-way tipping system ensures complete emptying of the bowl and perfect distribution of the enamel on the inner surfaces.


Each stage of the glazing process is controlled by a modern touch-screen PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) that allows users to set the type of bowl to be glazed (P-shaped or S-shaped siphon), and produces information on timings, delay, angles and a range of other parameters. The machine can be used to glaze standard-type bowls as well as one-piece WCs, and is equipped with all possible options, including stainless steel external tank, vibrating sieve, magnet filter, glaze suspension mixer, pneumatic pumps, suspended tank, drip sponge and level sensors. These accessories ensure that the glaze is kept clean and at the proper density, as well as preventing drips and other slight imperfections. The machine is made entirely of stainless steel in order to withstand the corrosive action of the ceramic glazes, and the software is quick to install and easy to use.