Sinkmet, the range of soluble colours developed by Metco


In the field of digital decoration, Metco has developed the Sinkmet range of soluble colours capable of penetrating several millimetres into the body ready for an intensive honing operation.

Whereas micro-milled pigments ensure high definition, the Sinkmet soluble colours can be used on full-body porcelain tile to obtain veins and extraordinary aesthetic effects without the aid of glaze or glass sandwiching, while maintaining the technical qualities of porcelain such as high abrasion resistance and low soiling.

The Sinkmet colours for penetrating digital decoration are totally soluble. They are certified by the leading digital printer manufacturers and are available in 8 colour versions based on common and precious metal complexes such as Ruthenium (Ru) and Gold (Au), as well as a wide range of penetrating agents and sophisticated body alteration systems. These elements enhance the natural look and beauty of full-body porcelain, which typically imitates natural stone and marble with unique colour tones.

The image shows a marble effect with Sinkmet digital printing and honing.