Smalticeram has expanded the "Smaltink ecosolutions" range with the SD Special Digital series


Digital printing has expanded rapidly in recent years and appears certain to become the main decoration system used in the ceramic industry in the near future. This innovation has had a major influence on technical and aesthetic tile trends at a global level, largely as a result of the precision that can be achieved with inkjet machines.

Manufacturers and suppliers of materials conduct research aimed specifically at exploiting the full potential of inkjet printing. The first-generation printheads used for colour have now reached a virtually optimal level. The same applies to the inks, where the colour range that can be obtained with 5 print bars has reached an outstanding level.

The "Smaltink ecosolutions" range from Smalticeram currently consists of 12 basic colours capable of generating all the colour tones of modern ceramic four-colour printing.

The development of new higher discharge printheads has opened up previously unimaginable scenarios in which materials other than coloured inks can be applied onto the tiles. Smalticeram's research in this field has expanded the "Smaltink ecosolutions" range with the development of the SD Special Digital series, reagent compounds, micro-lustres, devitrifying mineral bases and matting micro pigments. SD Special Digital includes special digital materials capable of enhancing ceramic surfaces by creating extremely natural three-dimensional effects of outstanding quality.

As a result of the combined digital application of colour and material, the "Smaltink ecosolutions" range offers ceramic tile producers a complete and effective tool for meeting the needs of an increasingly discerning and competitive market.