Smaltochimica presents "Smaltochimica Inks"


Smaltochimica Digital has developed a new generation of inks in collaboration with the leading digital printer and printhead manufacturers. Smaltochimica Inks is a complete range of colours, materials and effects for all kinds of decorations. Produced both in Smaltochimica’s Italian factories and in the facilities of group member companies operating in the world’s largest ceramic districts, they guarantee ceramic tile producers a supply of fresh, ready-to-use colours wherever they are located.

The Smaltochimica Inks range includes Coloured Inks, Effects Inks (digital effects for enhancing tile design) and Materials Inks (digital materials that give ceramic surfaces a material appearance). Another major product is Digicol, the first series of glues for grits and powders which can be applied using digital printheads, developed and certified by the world’s leading machinery manufacturers (Projecta, TecnoFerrari, KERAjet, System). Last but not least are the Digiclean solvents for digital printhead cleaning, a range of universal cleaners compatible with all machines and printheads currently on the market which deliver assure excellent results in terms of cleaning quality.

Smaltochimica has always been committed to innovation and R&D into grinding processes. The Euromeccanica division has a team of specialists in the digital ink production process (especially colours and effects) who can advise tile producers wishing to produce inks independently on their own premises. Colourservice, the group member company specialising in digital process services, can also supply the Colour Profiler 5 latest-generation software which allows digital inks to be changed without the slightest alteration in the colours of the ceramic materials already in production.