Spiller by CMF Technology


Spiller is a highly innovative press feeding system produced by CMF Technology. It is particularly suitable for the production of porcelain tiles in conventional mould presses (Spiller) and as a decoration unit to be installed on latest-generation belt presses (Spiller Evolution).

The new system is based on a totally new press feeding concept which can be fully integrated into pressing lines for large ceramic panels (e.g.1600x3200 mm), where it enhances aesthetic qualities without sacrificing the line’s functionality or production capacity.

Spiller can be used to apply a decoration by means of double loading onto the first layer of base powders, for example creating tiles with strongly textured surface profiles. The decoration is stable and perfectly visible subsequent to pressing. The technical solutions adopted enable the quantity and thickness of the deposited decoration to be controlled with great precision, thereby optimising the consumption of coloured powders during pressing.

Spiller’s characteristics make it suitable for decorating glazed porcelain tiles (with varied shade and speckled effects which can be further enhanced with glazing line applications) and polished unglazed porcelain tiles with marble, travertine, stone effects, etc.

Thanks to interpolation of the movements of the powder loading and depositing devices and the innovative decoration extraction/dispensing system, Spiller delivers high production performance without penalising the production capacity of the pressing line. The system also ensures considerable energy savings. The Evolution unit, for example, can be integrated into belt presses and has very low energy consumption compared to other press decoration system.

Along with the numerous advantages mentioned above, it also delivers new aesthetic qualities. With the new press feeder it is possible to use fixed patterns (shaped grids or decoration screens) with dynamic graphics by means of mobile devices that alter the design during operation of the machine. Last but not least, by freeing the decoration from the use of mechanical accessories Spiller can create a new effect called “Wave” with novel aesthetic qualities.