TecnoFerrari presents its new VivaJet product line


Digital ceramic tile decoration is seeing unprecedented growth as new technologies are developed to complement traditional printing processes.

In this context, TecnoFerrari is presenting its new VivaJet® product line, a new benchmark for the ceramic industry in terms of performance, ease of use and reliability.

The VivaJet® printer, available for widths of up to 1.4 m, holds up to 8 colour bars with the exclusive all-in-front layout which guarantees maximum accessibility to all components. As always, it can be supplied with a secondary bypass belt.

The new colour bar has a patented high-speed ink recirculation system and is able to achieve excellent printing intensity and uniformity and to extend to maximum discharge performance to higher line speeds.

The new V7 printing software incorporates further improvements in memory and performance, allowing for on-the-fly printing of a job other than the one in production and for rapid changes without the need to stop the line.

The VivaJet®-DF version allows for totally independent asynchronous management of double and single row production runs, even of tiles of different sizes, giving the impression of having two printers available.

The multi-head architecture adopted on VivaJet® enables models to be used for decoration and for applications of high-discharge effects, making this printer extremely flexible.

The new VivaJet® range can be combined with numerous accessories, including VivaSafe (laser barrier for dynamic tile thickness control) and VivaScan (video camera system for detecting structures and textures).

In parallel with the presentation of the new range of printers, TecnoFerrari also provides the new version of the GeCo® V7 colour management suite, a pre-print analysis package which adopts a guided and intuitive workflow and offers crucial features during printing: completion percentage, colour accuracy, gamut warning, colour curve management, ink saver, consumption management by channel, and tone correction.

GeCo® V7 allows for superior distribution and channel separation and improved contrast and drop distribution, resulting in higher production quality. This new version has a faster and extremely intuitive interface enhanced by a graphic correction tool capable of creating, analysing and correcting up to 8 variants of the same design and applying the automatically proposed ink-saving strategies, thus bringing ink savings of up to 50%.