The highest aesthetics development of SITI B&T’s technologies


SITI B&T Group presents five collections of large slabs with extraordinary aesthetic qualities, which are the result of the research and know-how of all the companies of the group.

In the last ten years, SITI B&T Group has focused increasingly on ceramic design and is now presenting a new approach to technology illustrated by five collections of large slabs with extraordinary aesthetic qualities that can be produced both in the laboratory and on an industrial scale.

  1. A 3D full-body vein running either over the surface or through the thickness of the slab. It can be positioned anywhere and in the desired number (photo 1); this design is available in both matt and glossy digital decorative surface finishes.
  2. Porphyries: full-body flakes, also suitable for double loading (photo 2).
  3. Cloud collection: micronized powders (photo 3).
  4. Stone collection: a combination of technologies consisting of solid-layered veins created from flakes mixed together with full body veins (photo 4).
  5. Nuovo Calacatta 3D with an innovative matching system between full-body vein and digital decoration (photo 5).

These product families are the culmination of the Group's ongoing R&D efforts at the bt-LAB, which have led to significant developments in the field of Supera® technology.

Thanks to the expertise in different production technologies achieved by the Group's various companies, SITI B&T is able to deliver truly distinctive aesthetics based on full-thickness decoration with thicknesses of up to 30 mm and structures with deep and clearly defined reliefs on the ceramic surface.

“Our aim has always been to enable our customers to create truly distinctive and recognisable products,” explains Fabio Tarozzi, CEO of SITI B&T Group. “For this reason, we wanted to look beyond existing technologies to ensure maximum expressive capabilities in terms of decoration and design.”

One outstanding example of the way the Group's technologies are being used is that of Best Surface, a ceramic tile producer with a complete plant for the production of large interior slabs in Castellón, Spain whose Idylium brand products are innovating the world of design and architecture. SITI B&T supplied the technologies for every stage of the process, including solutions from Ancora and Projecta Engineering and graphic and creative support from Digital Design.