The new automatic Packer XS by Ferrari&Cigarini


The automatic Packer XS by Ferrari&Cigarini is a machine for stacking, compacting and packaging ceramic and marble tiles and strips/slabs, skirting pieces and such.

It is characterized by the easy, quick and user-friendly change of formats that allows production of small batchesby minimizing the time required to change product and size.

As a first step, at the entrance of the machine, the product stacking is adjustable for the number of pieces, through a touch screen.

The stack is then moved into the packaging area and compacted laterally by a pneumatic system. The packaging is completed with pre-formed boxes, like trays.

On the upper floor, a packing box is taken and two hot-glue pistols release glue dots on top of the box that is then placed on the tile stack to be packaged.

As a last step, while the stack is being lifted, it is packed and closed.

The automatic Packer XS is an integrated system to stack and package tiles, in a compact way and with a low cost of investiment. It allows production, based on formats, of 4 to 6 boxes/minute.

The machine guarantees a high performance, a wide range of products and quick format changes, with the possibility to save data parameters for every format.

The automatic Packer XS will be launched at Tecnargilla 2014.



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F&C packer xs