VivaJet by Tecnoferrari


TecnoFerrari Group is presenting its VivaJet® product line, a new benchmark for the ceramic digital decoration market in terms of performance, ease of use and reliability. This new range of printers are designed for high-intensity colours and for the application of digital effects and glazes and are now also available in water-based versions. Along with the very compact dimensions (e.g. VivaJet S8 measures > 4250x1350x2000 mm), the machine’s main characteristics include:

New frame with integrated by-pass: it has a 20% smaller depth; all-in-front layout allowing for maximum accessibility to all components; frame with 8, 6, 4 independent colour bars; external unit for filtration, suction and pressurisation of the printing department; new cleaning carriage.

New ink distribution system with permanent patented recirculation: officially approved by Xaar with the "TF Technology" logo, it has new recirculation pumps, greater efficiency and longer lifetime, a new tank with durable agitation motor and new spin-off colour bar.

Excellent print quality: it uses Xaar 1002 GS6/GS12/GS40 printhead and Vivajet operating mode with 360 dpi printing up to 40m/min. at 4 dpd with maximum discharge; it guarantees maximum intensity for colours and effects (up to 160 pl for GS40), 50% improvement in printing precision and uniformity (guaranteed by Xaar); it is equipped with a new printhead fixing plate and anti-collision plates for total printhead protection. The useful printing width has been increased to 700 mm in the VivaJet S version, 1120 mm in the VivaJet M version, and 1400 mm in the VivaJet L version.

The VivaJet® printer range can be equipped with various optional systems:

  • GeCo® V6: colour management package capable of controlling production lines with multiple synchronised printers (decoration, effects, glazes) in order to create a truly automated full digital architecture. By exploiting in-machine integrated linearization, it is possible to achieve the production colour tone more quickly without wastage of ink, matting problems, firing defects or instability.
  • VivaScan: 3D surface analysis system for textures/patterns with detection and combination of the digital design with the substrate.
  • VivaSafe: laser barrier for precise dynamic control of the tile thickness.
  • VivaDot: tile edge marking detector.

With its qualified technical staff, extensive presence of local service branches and the availability of spare parts, Tecnoferrari provides an excellent level of customer support.